Class Descriptions

Acrobats class photo


Level appropriate acrobatic/tumbling technique is taught with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. Floor technique only, no apparatus is used. Professional Gibson mats are used for class time only; mats are not used for recital performance. Students wear white acrobat shoes. (ages 5 & up)

Baby Stars class photo

Baby Stars

A class designed to develop interest in dance and learn how to take a dance class. This 45-minute lesson will touch on the basics of ballet, tap, and acrobats, and dancers wear white acrobat shoes. There is no pressure to perform, only to learn to love dance! (ages 3-5 years)

Ballet class photo


The classical art form, the most structured of all the disciplines, the foundation of all dance. Class is taught using French and English terminology and classical music. Dancers will be instructed in level appropriate classical ballet technique including barre work, center floor work, progressions, turns, leaps, strength and flexibility. Students wear pink ballet slippers. (ages 5 & up)

Hip Hop class photo

Hip Hop

A deviation from traditional jazz technique, hip hop is more street style, funk. Students must be studying a ballet or jazz technique class for the entire season to be enrolled in a hip hop class. Upbeat, popular music is used, students wear tan jazz shoes. (ages 5-9 and 10 & up)

Jazz class photo


Dancers learn level appropriate dance movements, pirouettes, isolations, turns, leaps, and progressions while working to develop strength and flexability. Class uses upbeat music, students wear tan jazz shoes. Starting with the pre-line jazz level, a ballet technique class is required in addition to jazz class. Technique class does not perform in recital; jazz shoes can be worn for technique class. (ages 5 & up)

Jazz/Acro class photo


The progression from an acrobat class where jazz technique is studied in addition to tumbling, emphasis on the tumbling. All styles of music are used, and students wear white acrobat shoes. (Teacher approval)

Lyrical class photo

Lyrical for Starlettes

Advanced ballet students learn to use ballet technique to interpret lyrics and music through unique choreography. (Teacher approval)


8-10 and 11 & up classes require that you be simultaneously studying a ballet technique class and have a minimum of 2 years ballet experience.

Musical Theatre class photo

Musical Theater

This class will explore the musical theater style of dance, set to popular Broadway musical songs!  Students in this 10 & up class must also be studying ballet or jazz for the entire season to be in this class. Jazz shoes are worn.

Pointe class photo


The progression for ballet dancers that are well studied and age appropriate. Dancers wear pointe shoes and must also study a technique class in flat slippers. Technique class does not perform in recital. (Teacher approval)

Tap class photo


Dancers learn level appropriate tap technique including turns, leaps, and pirouettes while working to develop strength and flexibility. All styles of music are used, students wear tan tap shoes. (ages 5 & up)

Adult Jazz & Adult Tap class photo

Adult Jazz, Adult Tap, Adult Hip Hop, Adult Ballet

Same as jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballet descriptions. These classes have so much fun, and any level dancer is welcome!

A Chance To Dance class photo

A Chance To Dance

A special needs dance and movement class designed for dancers of ALL physical and cognitive abilities and disabilities. The dancers (age 5 & up by December 1st) should be able to follow directions and attend to a 45 minute class. The dancers will learn basic ballet, tap, and acrobat skills. The dancers will wear white acrobat shoes for class and recital. If desired, tap shoes can be purchased for the tap portion of class. There is no pressure to perform at recital, only to learn to love dancing! Miss Kara, who is an occupational therapist will teach A CHANCE TO DANCE. She has an interest in working with children of all ages with special needs and enjoys being able to use her OT skills and knowledge for this class.