DeWitt Studio Class Schedule (2021-22)

IA = Instructor Approval Required
NP = No Pre-requisite other than age
* = Must be enrolled in Jazz, Tap, or Ballet also.
** = Must be studying ballet tech and minimum 2 years experience required.
+C=Competition Class.  Please read COMPETITION STUDENT REQUIREMENTS.

Monday Miss Sarah
5:30-6:15pm  Jazz NP
6:15-7:00pm Ballet NP
7:00-7:45pm Tap NP
Tuesday Miss Michelle  
5:30-6:15pm Baby Stars NP
6:15-7:00pm Jazz NP
7:00-7:45pm Ballet IA
7:45-8:30pm Lyrical (8-10yrs)** IA
8:30-9:00pm Adult Ballet NP
Thursday Miss Sha'marie
5:15-6:00pm Jazz Acro NP
6:00-6:45pm Baby Stars NP
6:45-7:30pm Hip Hop (5-9 yrs)* NP
7:30-8:15pm Jazz IA
DeWitt studio at night