Waverly Studio Class Schedule (2017-2018)

IA = Instructor Approval Required
NP = No Pre-requisite other than age
* = Must be enrolled in Jazz or Ballet also
+C=Competition Class. Please read COMPETITION STUDENT REQUIREMENTS. Competition dates: February 9-11, 2018 (Celebrity, Waterford, MI) and March 2-4, 2018 (On Stage NY, South Lyon, MI)

Studio A

Monday Miss Lori
4:45-5:45pm Pointe IA FULL
5:45-6:45pm Starlette Tech IA FULL
6:45-8:00pm Starlettes IA+C FULL
Tuesday Miss Marie
4:30-5:15pm Tech/Pre-Line IA OPEN
5:15-6:15pm Pre-Line IA +C OPEN
Tuesday Miss Kara
6:15-7:00pm Chance to Dance NP OPEN
7:00-8:00pm Jazz/Acro IA +C FULL
Wednesday Miss Lori
4:00-5:15pm Starlette Pointe/Lyrical IA+C FULL
5:15-6:15pm Pointe IA FULL
6:15-7:15pm Ballet IA FULL
Wednesday Miss LeeAnn
7:15-8:00pm Hip Hop (10 yrs +) NP* +C FULL
8:00-9:00pm Ballet Tech IA OPEN
Thursday Miss LeeAnn
5:15-6:00pm Adult Jazz NP OPEN
6:00-7:00pm Jazz IA OPEN
7:00-8:00pm Tech/Jr. Line IA OPEN
8:00-9:00 pm Jr. Line IA+C OPEN

Studio B

Tuesday Miss Sarah P.
5:30-6:00pm Mini Stars NP OPEN
6:00-6:45pm Baby Stars NP FULL
6:45-7:30pm Jazz NP OPEN
Tuesday Miss Kara
8:00-9:00 pm Starlette Tap IA+C OPEN
Wednesday Miss LeeAnn
5:00-5:45pm Ballet NP FULL
5:45-6:30pm Acro NP FULL
6:30-7:15pm Hip Hop (5-9 yrs) NP* OPEN
Thursday Miss Haley
5:15-6:00pm Baby Stars NP FULL
6:00-6:30pm Tap NP OPEN
6:30-7:00pm Tap IA OPEN
7:00-7:45pm Ballet IA OPEN
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