Competition Student Requirements

By enrolling in a competition class you agree to the following:

Congratulations! You are choosing to be a member of a competition level class. It is an honor to be able to represent Rising Star at special events during our season. Please review the following agreement if you would like to be a member of the group.

  1. A member will arrange to attend all performances (competitions/recital) that are scheduled with NO EXCEPTIONS! Check website for dates. Competition fees are collected in December, a statement will be sent when fees are posted.
  2. A member will have perfect attendance. (missing only due to illness) In the event of an absence, member will arrange to learn the material that was missed from another member. This must take place before the next lesson.
  3. There will be no absences allowed for the 2 lessons prior to a performance (competition/recital).
  4. Each member will practice at home, and with other members to keep their skills in line with the group.
  5. A member will come to class prepared, with proper attire, shoes, hair secured.
  6. Each member will act with respect toward instructor and other members. As instructors of these competition level classes, we feel that these requirements are simple, and in fairness to all involved.

Rising Star Staff

Competition Weekend Guidelines

—Prepared for students, parents, and their guests—

  • While at competition you will be representing RISING STAR STUDIO OF DANCE ARTS, the following guidelines are expectations for all that attend with us.
  • We will NOT KNOW SPECIFIC DAYS & TIMES until ONE WEEK before competition!
  • We will post on our website and share in class AS SOON AS WE GET INFORMATION!
  • Questionable weather: If there is any question about the weather, please call the studio and listen to the message—we will let you know if there has been a cancellation. If there is no mention of cancellation, competition is a go. (517.372.2394)


  1. All dancers stay for awards.
  2. Applause is acceptable during and after a performance. (yelling names, phrases, etc. is unacceptable)
  3. Be polite to all other dancers, parents, and competition officials.
  4. Sit in audience to support other dancers from our studio whenever time permits.
  5. Take compliments and/or critiques graciously.
  6. Arrive on time, and prepared. (bring costumes in a garment bag, proper stage make up, clean shoes, etc.)

NOTE: Video & photos are NOT allowed.

Competition FAQ

Q-Why don’t we find out what day and time we will be performing until one week before?
A-The competition company is in complete control of the schedule, we post on the website and tell students at class the moment we get notification.

Q-Why is there so much time before our awards ceremony?
A-The competition company is in complete control of the schedule, we have to go with what they have chosen for times.

Q-Why are there some studios that bring routines with questionable music and less than tasteful choreography?
A-We don’t ever know what will show up at a competition we attend, we can only control what pieces we bring from our studio. We feel committed to bringing age appropriate material suitable for family viewing.

Saturday, June 06, 2020