In-Person Dance Class Requirements for SPRING DANCE


  • All dancers will need to review the health questionnaire on our website before attending a class and should stay home if there is any question in their eligibility for that day. Attendance will be given grace this season as it is more important to stay home if needed.
  • All dancers must wear a mask. We will not be able to provide masks so please remember to bring your own! Dancers will be instructed to sit down and/or get a drink of water if they start to feel light headed or overheated.
  • Dancer should bring one water bottle from home, filled at home with them into classroom. (Only water allowed) All students should use hand sanitizer upon arrival and when leaving.
  • Dancer should bring only their dance shoes to class, and leave their street shoes in lobby.
  • There will be no one allowed to wait in the lobby during classes.
  • We will be cleaning the studios daily and as needed throughout the night.
  • If we are informed that someone in one of our classes has tested positive for COVID we will respond as directed at the time by local health officials.
  • If a dancer exhibits any health concerns during class time you will be called to come and pick up your dancer. Please be sure you have at least two current phone numbers listed in your parent portal.
  • We will excuse each class 5 minutes before their end time to change their shoes and get lined up to exit. Please be certain you are there to pick up your dancer when the teacher and/or assistant open the door. Step up to the door and say your dancers name-we will have them join you to go home! Students will remain inside the building until you step up to the door. You must be WEARING A MASK when you drop off and pick up and practice social distancing while waiting. -Students age 12 years old and older can line up to come into class and leave class on their own if that is acceptable to you-

WAVERLY STUDIO: There will be one line running parallel along the front of the studio and curving around the studio in the grassy area if needed. The front of the line will be parents waiting to pick up and the back of the line will be parents and dancers waiting to drop off. We will invite the next class in after the prior class has exited.


Last modified on Wednesday, 21 April 2021 18:59